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"Thank you so much for a wonderful job on my website which was done efficiently, quickly and in a totally proffessional manner. I have dealt with other website designers, but I can say that from now on you will have all my business. Thank you again, and I stand ready to be a reference if required. My best wishes to Ideaworxz and your wonderfully professional and creative team."
- Marslon Industries
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Business EmailSolutions

With a simple and effective assortment of customizable webmail, email collaboration, and message delivery tools in its portfolio, Ideaworxz provides services to the business setups and individuals that need to survive and progress in today's competitive global marketplace.

Ideaworxz welcomes you to gain the opportunity of creating a unique and personal identity for yourself, your family and close friends on the Internet. You can have your personalized email address which provides you a unique identity and is very useful for staying in touch with your dear ones.

Ideaworxz offers various email services like email hosting, email services, business email, group email, personal email services and all types of other email hosting services using your own choice of domain name. Using our email services, you can enhance your business opportunity quite easily on the net. Our services make your business go global.

With Ideaworxz Email Hosting and Domain Parking services, you can begin using your domain for email immediately. We offer you the reliable, easy set up and effective email service at the most reasonable prices.

Personal Email Solutions

Personal Email in the Internet world gives a unique identity to a person which brings user a step ahead of other friends. Personal Email gives you a unique email id like yourname@yourdomainname.com.

Personal Email is a full-featured service that enables you to communicate with our email experts, and gives you a unique email address with your own domain name.

As the name suggests, Personal Email gives a different kind of privacy that other mailing clients can't provide. It stops spam mails to reach to your id as personal mailing database is not so much open for corporate mailing business.
Business Email Solutions

Every business unit needs an email id on Internet to grow. Companies, enterprises or any business setup uses email id that provides a complete solution that is fully hosted.

Business email provides highly beneficial features to your business. The main feature of it is that it provides an identity to your business on Internet.

Other additional features are like it promotes your business through Internet all over the world, provides the way of easy connectivity to the clients, helps to connect your different employees, provides your business your own domain name etc.
Group Email Solutions

Group email service is especially for the members within a group. Group email service helps the user to promote his/her group, stay connected with all the fellow members and to strengthen the relation with them. The group email service is specifically useful for increasing membership and reinforces loyalty for groups and organizations.

Email group allows the people to keep in touch with each other, so every college group, association of persons, hobby groups, cricket team, family relation, college groups and college alumni should have email groups. The email group makes them feel the group cohesiveness.
Email Portal Solutions

Email portal solution is an email service that is especially very useful for the big company sites with a large client database. Big companies use this email portal service so that they can have their own web based free email service. Their own free email service helps them to earn feedback or returns from the advertisement of their products and services by sending their own customized text and ads.

Ideaworxz offers you your own reliable email portal like other email services such as Rediffmail, Hotdak, Hotmail, etc. at the most competitive prices.
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